Erica’s House of Wellness – Retail Recap

Erica’s House of Wellness is a brick and mortar CBD store located in Wadena Minnesota. 

Erica’s House of Wellness

They officially opened the doors of their hemp dispensary to the public earlier this year, but the journey that led this loving couple to inevitably reach this goal has been a long arduous one, to put things mildly.

Back in 2009, Erica’s life was flipped upside down when her doctor sat her down and explained to her that she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  MS is a fairly rare disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves, resulting in a disruption of the communication pathways between the body and mind. 

It was not long until Erica felt that her quality of life was gradually dissipating due to the disease.  Her mobility and motor functional skills were seemingly being stolen from underneath her, and trivial everyday tasks started to morph into painful exercises of self-will.

When times were beginning to get almost too tough to bear, fate threw Erica another curve ball….however this time around that curveball was a miracle in the form of a gruff bearded, salt of the earth farmer and cattle rancher named Joel.

Joel and Erica

Joel ultimately became Erica’s wheelhouse when she was unable to steer her ship through the turbid stormy seas she had faced head-on. He has since then stood solid, like a giant Boulder, by her side through the best and most importantly, through the worst of times. He ultimately offered his absolute commitment to her in the form of a much smaller rock on her finger, which she gratefully accepted with all of her beings. The couple was happily married in 2013. 

In the following years, they tried every conceivable option to help alleviate her pain. Many doctors were seen, And many pharmaceuticals were administered. But in the end, not much was truly achieved when it came to obtaining a grasp on the horrible disease.

Their quest to find a feasible product finally came to an end when they discovered CBD oils for the first time. They were both instantly enamored with the powerful results of that initial oil product, and Joel immediately recognized the truly remarkable potential of this seemingly magical potion.

Erica’s Line of CBD Oils

The story doesn’t end there, however… As Joel ventured into the big city in order to obtain a box of this CBD stuff that would last his wife for a year, he found out quite abruptly that all CBD oils are not created equal. With this in mind, the farmer in him saw an opportunity to help ensure that that high-quality CBD oils would be sustainably available for those who truly seek the benefits of its use. And thusly, Joel became a licensed hemp grower with the state of Minnesota, where he and his small team of passionate associates enthusiastically produce the seemingly miraculous cannabis flowers that are at the heart and soul of all of Erica’s house products.

1,000 mg CBD
Goat Milk Lotion w/ CBD

Much research was then conducted when considering the right extraction team that he would choose to create a lasting business relationship with. He knew he needed a big-city team with outstanding professional abilities paired with the small-town country values he holds so dear to his heart.

In doing so, he inevitably experienced a stroke of luck very similar to the one detailed at the beginning of the story, where Erica found him.  

You can rest assured that if you pick up a bottle with the Erica’s House label on it you’re not just holding a bottle of liquid made strictly for corporate return on investment dollars, but instead you are wielding the culmination of a truly epic tale of love.

Beautiful Sunset in Wadena

From Erica’s House to yours, with love.