Crested River to Sponsor “Biggest CBD Flower Rip” Competition

Crested River is a cannabis company specializing in CBD and CBG hemp flower. They will be sponsoring the, “Biggest Flower Rip” competition at next week’s Legacy CBD Cup. Make sure to get there by 6:00 PM to register for the competition. The flower used in the competition will be from Crested River and the winner will walk away with a quarter ounce of flower and a free Legacy Glassblowing class, along with a $100 gift card to Legacy Glass!

The event is being hosted at Warehouse Winery and is being put on by Legacy Glassworks

A Groundbreaking Event!

We sat down with Crested River’s CEO, Shawn Weber, this week to learn more about his company and his beliefs around industrial hemp as a crop. We even touched on it’s ability to save the world. He believes in industrial hemp beyond just CBD, but he sees this popular cannabinoid as a vessel to bring hemp to the forefront of people’s attention. The company works to grow hemp for agriculture purposes (fiber and hurd) as well as CBD. They operate a brand called Philotimo which includes oils, salves, and soft gels. Crested River is excited about the evolving hemp industry in the USA. Crested River’s vision is to implement and refine sustainable farming and manufacturing practices.

Crested River

Shawn lives in an area where farming has ruined the ability for people to utilize the lakes in the area but he’s optimistic that farmers can revitalize the land by changing their farming practices. In a nutshell, he wants more farmers around him to start growing hemp.  Shawn mentioned that the infrastructure is the big part that’s holding the industry back.

As a company, Crested River is embedding themselves into the industry, and helping drive innovation, and advocate for legislation. When asked about how Crested River is perceived in his rural conservative hometown, Shawn shared that he was initially concerned about the market potential, but as time has gone on he’s found that people are curious to know more about industrial hemp. One positive signal is that farmers in the area have been reaching out to learn more about industrial hemp and find out how they can integrate the crop into their fields. 

It’s no surprise now that Crested River has gone from being one of the first hemp growers in their county to by next year being one of a few dozen. It’s clear after listening to Shawn that hemp is being accepted across the state. But he’s quick to make sure the farmers around him don’t get too excited and switch all their acreage to hemp. He stresses that risk mitigation, understanding what your end game is, and ensuring that you have good soil should all be top of mind before getting too deep into your million dollar hemp dreams. 

a Greek word that is without definition, but impacts the world beyond imagination. 

Beyond the fields, Crested River puts on education classes to get people familiar with CBD called, “Cannabinoids and Curiosity”. Shawn, like most local CBD brand owners, believes it’s very important to get people up to speed on the endocannabinoid system. Crested River is a member of the Minnesota Hemp Association and they work with Minnesota Vets for Cannabis.  For more information on the brand contact Shawn at: