Low Cost CBD Oil, Cannesota, Begins to See Success in Local Markets

Like many health supplements, the benefits associated with taking CBD Oil are amplified through daily usage. But the high price of CBD can be a deterrent to many who are curious about using CBD to treat symptoms, or for overall well being. This lack of daily use could be in some part due to a perceived sticker shock for a 1oz bottle of CBD. Combined with a lack of research backed evidence, consumers are left to experiment on their own to find out how it can help them.

For better or for worse, a strong majority of the influence in the CBD Oil community is coming from word of mouth recommendations based on friends and family members experiences with using CBD oil products. After purchasing the product, the correct dosage to administer is left up to the individual user. Many sellers will suggest to start with a 1/2 dropper and work up to a full dropper, but then always seem to offer the caveat that the right dosage is different for everyone. The question of how much you should take depends on your size, symptoms, and overall well being.

Another question that doesn’t get discussed as freely, how much CBD can you actually afford?

Enter Cannesota. And it’s charming and humble, mission based leader, Nate Milstein.

Low Cost, High Quality, CBD Oil, Made Locally

In 2018, Nate’s close friend called him one day with some bad news, his friend wasn’t going to be able to watch his cats while he and his girlfriend were going out of town. She had just suffered a grand mal seizure, and was soon after diagnosed with epilepsy. The prohibitive nature of living with epilepsy can derail ones life. Because of the diagnosis, she would no longer be able to drive and thus, commute to her daily job. Beyond the stress of not working, she was now facing the high cost of medication to deal with her illness.

From that day forward, Nate has been inspired to bring CBD tinctures to the local community at a price that nearly everyone can afford. Before his friend was diagnosed in 2018, Nate had only heard rumblings about CBD. Though, as someone who follows a plant based diet, he knew that there were plant based alternative medicines on the market available at local co-ops.

Nate and his girlfriend (now wife) ventured out to a local Minneapolis co-op and were able to purchase CBD. They administered the CBD for their friend and the symptoms went away within ninety minutes. Nate realized quickly that despite the success of the CBD treatment for his friend, the cost of daily use would eventually render CBD unaffordable. So the entrepreneur inside of him decided to do some research and find out if it was possible to make your own CBD products. He began experimenting in his own kitchen after ordering wholesale CBD ingredients from Blue Bird Botanicals.

He started his product testing and research by making vegan gummy bears, vape juice, and CBD oil from an isolate. He would offer his products to close friends and family to gather feedback. It was during this exploratory time that Nate learned what the customer was looking for. Combining his own analysis with real feedback. He couldn’t see himself selling the vape “juice” because of a lack of transparency surrounding the chemicals used to administer the product. The gummy bears were labor intensive, and despite the taste (and fun factor) they were not as versatile as a CBD oil. He was producing these products not just for fun, but instead with a real purpose in mind.

Photo from Cannesota’s Manufacturing Facility

What makes Nate so humble, is his approach to a brand new billion dollar industry. He learned what to bring to market by going out and interacting with the community who needed it. He saw CBD oil was working well for a small group of people, but he could not accept that many people were priced out of the market due to the high cost of a bottle. Nate realized he could create a business when he realized how inexpensive the bulk inputs were compared to the raw materials.

Cannesota’s product is differentiated because he focuses on keeping the margins low and keeping the product local. Speaking to Nate at his new facility in Northeast Minneapolis, he shared with me that his mission is to be the lowest cost CBD product on the shelf while still maintaining the highest level of quality. He feels strongly against the idea that something (CBD) which is intended to provide relief, and which there is market demand for, is being exploited as a quick money grab by multiple companies offering CBD products at extremely high margins compared to Cannesota. He believes that millennials, like himself, may see these companies attempting to exploit the CBD market in the same light as the pharmaceutical industry companies exploiting patients in need of overpriced drugs.

“The mission was everything from the beginning. We were only going to do Cannesota if we could keep the mission in tact.” 

– Nate Milstein, CEO of Cannesota

The idea of companies making extreme profits while the customers pay, and in a lot of cases overpay, for a plant based product that provides tremendous relief is what drives Nate to provide a low cost CBD oil solution.  Cannesota understands the high price of CBD oil can be a deterrent to receiving the benefits of CBD and they serve their customer to the best of their abilities by keeping the price capped at $25 per bottle .

“This (CBD) company came out of something I identified as providing a tremendous amount of relief and it seemed super powerful to me. So the idea that something which is intended to provide relief and that some people are looking at it is just a business opportunity is disappointing.”  

– Nate Milstein, CEO of Cannesota

Where can I find Cannesota products?

Cannesota products can be found at the following retailers: //

How can retailers add Cannesota to their shelves?

Cannesota makes it easy. There’s no minimum order quantity because customer happiness is their #1 priority. Reach out to Nate directly by visiting the website, emailing him:, or by giving him a call (612) 229-5749. He’d be happy to speak with you!

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