Update on Minnesota’s CBD Labeling Law

Overview of 2020 Labeling Law

Quick Overview

The new CBD labeling law goes into affect January 1st, 2020. The law has yet to be published in the Minnesota Revised Statutes but we are going to shed some light on it. The law was passed in the final weeks of the Minnesota legislative session and it narrowly passed a senate vote. The board of pharmacy drafted the bill and will be under their purview. It was authored by Senator Karla Bigham. 

Was the Minnesota Hemp Association Involved?

The Minnesota Hemp Association was not consulted on the language of the bill, however there were lobbying efforts made for changes of the bill. Subsequently, the MHA held a press conference and issued a press release related to the bill passing. They believe the law has room for improvement and they have hope to improve it in 2020. 

What’s the Purpose of the Bill?

The bill’s purpose is to regulate the labeling of products in MN containing CBD. There is not a uniform, model CBD labeling act across the US; hence any state that has passed a law, will have it’s own bespoke restrictions to adhere to, creating a minefield for stores, manufacturers, and brands.