Stigma Hemp Signage outside of the North Loop CBD showroom

Profile: Stigma Hemp’s Retail Showroom – Downtown Minneapolis

By bringing the focus and benefits of cannabis to a local level, Stigma Hemp is fulfilling its mission of ending the stigma around hemp flower.

Last week we visited Josh Maslowski, founder of Stigma Hemp company to learn more about how real people are getting involved locally to help normalize cannabis.

While living in the North Loop, Josh began to get to know the owner of Jeremeo and this led to Stigma Hemp moving into a section of the building conveniently located down the street from Target Field. A longtime resident, he walked me through his history of living in the neighborhood and how he developed a friendship with the owner of Jeremeo whom he shares his showroom space with.

Josh Maslowski outside of the Stigma Showroom
Josh Maslowski, outside of the Stigma Hemp Showroom

Walk into the Stigma Hemp showroom, and you’ll get a great, big, beautiful whiff of essential oils and nuanced scented candles. Keep walking further inside and you’ll be greeted by a helpful staff member ready to educate you on the benefits of CBD and hemp. The products are designed to be holistic and the blends come from full spectrum CBD. Some of the oils are mixed with different topicals and infused with essential oils, like lavender, to provide a deeper and more beneficial experience.

Stigma Hemp’s CBD Showroom

Josh sees parallels between his previous career in technology and his new venture with respect to the newness and lack of understanding that exists right now in the hemp/CBD industry. He works to serve the customer by ensuring that his staff is able to answer customer’s questions and provide enough in-store knowledge and education that the customer feels comfortable walking out of the store with a premium product designed to help them better enjoy their lives. After visiting with him and gaining a better understanding of the brand story, you can tell that he’s focused on building a brand that is trustworthy and transparent.

Josh educating showroom visitors during his grand opening
Josh Maslowski educating showroom visitors during the Stigma Hemp grand opening.

Beyond lavender and other essential oils, Josh likes to introduce other ingredients that go well with CBD into his daily life and “feel better together”, such as turmeric. Certain ingredients like turmeric and essential oils go well together with an activated endocannabinoid system. Be on the lookout for more special ingredients being integrated with Stigma Hemp products.


Pro Tip: after you get your body’s endocannabinoid system fired up by consuming CBD, your body should then experience a better uptake when consuming super foods, such as turmeric. 

Josh takes a truly local and sustainable approach to Stigma Hemp and the products that are offered inside his showroom. He’s currently working with local hemp growers in Apple Valley and Duluth, Minnesota. Last season he worked with a premium CBD hemp farm in Wisconsin that grew high quality CBD flower and is currently being sold in jars and pre-roll form. 

 Stigma markets their brand to appeal towards those who live an active lifestyle and like getting outdoors. You’ll soon start seeing their brand advertised towards the Minneapolis biking community, and even inside Freewheel Bike Shop retail locations. 

Initially when Stigma Hemp Co. opened, Josh chose not to go too wide with their product line. They launched with CBD oils, creams, and flowers in jars and cigarette form. They are exclusively focused on full spectrum CBD because they believe in using the whole plant as it was intended. He believes that people should explore basic CBD products through trial and error before finding the exact blend of products that work for an individual. In the future Stigma will be launching more products, but the initial concept was to keep it simple. 

From the hemp plastic cigarette tubes to his emphasis on local hemp production, Josh is operating a premiere CBD brand with an excellent showroom experience and it’s clear that the brand is poised for additional growth. By this fall 2019, Stigma Hemp will be carried in nine Freewheel Bike retail locations across the Twin Cities. Be on the lookout for more Stigma Hemp products and events on the way soon!