The Cold Hard Truth: MN Veterans Open a Casket of Empty Promises

Last Friday morning on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol, Minnesota Veterans for Cannabis coordinated a bold and moving demonstration – positioning an open casket filled with empty opioid and pharmaceutical bottles directly towards legislators as a symbol of desperation, and a plea for meaningful changes.

Today, Memorial Day, just three days after session has closed, the Veterans remain mostly forgotten in their fight for accessible and affordable medicine.

Legalization advocates get a whiff of Spring 4.19.2019

On Friday, April 19th MN Veterans were also on hand for a sobering moment, as optimistic marijuana legalization advocacy groups descended on the Capitol for a 4/20 demonstration, only to find dozens of empty pairs of combat boots lining the steps – symbols of Veterans who have taken their own lives in yet another act of desperation and hopelessness.

In 2016, the VA estimates they treated over 66,000 Veterans for opioid addiction. That’s because they handed them out like candy.

Jeremy Sankey – MN Veterans for Cannabis

II 2018 over 55 hundred Veterans committed suicide nationwide . . .

In 2015, 71 Veterans commit suicide in the state of Minnesota . . .

In 2016, 95 Minnesota Veterans commit suicide.

The VA says that we’re losing, on average, 25 Veterans a day to suicide. 

Jeremy Sankey – MN Veterans for Cannabis