House Omnibus Bill Sneaks a Peek at CBD Amendment

In the wee hours of last evening, Minnesota State Senator Carla Bigham’s proposed a CBD related amendment to the Omnibus House and Human Services Bill. This amendment narrowly passed by a 31-28 margin via floor headcount. The Omnibus bill itself passed even later in the evening and still has to go to conference committee where the final details get shaken out.

The CBD amendment, regulates the labeling of CBD products sold in Minnesota and requires:

  1. Testing by a third party lab to ensure it does not contain more than the legal limit of THC, no trace amounts of pesticides and does contain the advertised percentage of CBD
  2. Includes name, location, and contact information of manufacturer and the third party lab
  3. FDA statement disclaimer

Additionally, the Amendment prohibits products that:

  1. Are filthy, putrid or decomposed
  2. Are produced in unsanitary conditions
  3. Contain color additives unsafe for human consumption
  4. Reside in containers composed of deleterious substances

The labels may not:

  1. Contain false or misleading statements
  2. Hide or omit information that should be conspicuous
  3. Include medical claims

The amendment also grants the Board of Pharmacy with the discretion to issue cease and desist orders and seek injunctive relief.

For what it’s worth, the Senate Finance Chair was very critical of the language during the floor debate and the language was not heard in any Senate committee. Ultimately, the fate of this amendment lies in the hands of conference committee.