Statewide Tour Shines a Light on Veterans for Cannabis

News Channel 8 (La Crosse, WI) does an admirable job in covering the recent Winona, MN Veterans for Cannabis event. Organized in conjunction with the Campaign for Full Legalization, the visiting tour aims to draw attention to military veterans need for cannabis as an alternative medicine.

The message shared by veteran John Jones is clear and blunt:

“It saved my life,” Jones said.

According to the article, around 20 veterans commit suicide every single day in the U.S.  The full article shares many quotes by Jones and his story, like so many others is heartbreaking:

“I felt alone, I felt angry, upset, and then they give you medications that don’t make you feel at all. You’re just walking around like a zombie,” Jones said.  “I would spend hours, days sometimes, in a locked room. I would wait for my wife to leave just so I could call suicide hotline numbers just to hang on.”

Jones and Campaign for Full Legalization founder Marcus Harcus plan to travel the state to share this important message.