What is Canna.MN?

You may not know it, but there’s a lot happening in the cannabis scene in Minnesota.

We have had an oft-criticized medicinal marijuana program since 2014. Our Governor says “it’s cumbersome and doesn’t work” (he’s right). The legislature is considering ways to revamp it. We have excellent groups, like Sensible and Sensible Change advocating for patients and seeking change.

We have one of the country’s top ten hemp programs (in size of acres), thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill and new and improved 2018 Farm Bill. And groups like the MN Hemp Association coordinating efforts to grow this booming industry. And enterprising Farms like Hemp Acres, Budding Acres, and Minnesota Hemp Farms.

We have extraction operations like Superior Extractions and Cool Clean, and many others on the horizon.

We have retail stores like Nothing But Hemp and CBD Wellness launching across the Twin Cities metro and Spartan

And retail brands like Stigma, C4Life, and Hemony.

No less than a half dozen recreational marijuana bills debated at the capitol this session, as well as a cannabis task force under consideration.

The press has been increasingly covering this issue, but to mixed reviews. They treat this sector with too much uncertainty, missing the larger picture and fuzzying up the facts. They seek the confrontation and miss the everyday stories of growth and innovation.

Canna.MN aims to continuously cover the burgeoning cannabis sector (hemp + marijuana) in Minnesota with fresh and sourced content, providing our own views where needed, ultimately adding value to farmers, extractors, manufacturers, retailers, consumers, investors, and any other audiences seeking to learn about this exciting space and become active within. We hope you stay in touch. So, why not sign up for our email list?!